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Pledge of Acceptance of the Second Generation at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on June 18, 1981 (16th of Sivan 5741)

WE ACCEPT the obligation of this legacy.

WE ARE the first generation born after the darkness. Through our parents’ memories, words, and silence, we are linked to that annihilated Jewish existence whose echoes permeate our consciousness.

WE DEDICATE this pledge to you our parents, who suffered and survived;

             to our grandparents, who perished in the flames;

             to our vanished brothers and sisters, more than one million Jewish children, so brutally murdered.

            to all six million whose unyielding spiritual and physical resistance, even in the camps and ghettos, exemplifies our people’s commitment to life.

WE PLEDGE to remember.

WE SHALL TEACH our children to preserve forever that uprooted Jewish spirit which could not be destroyed.

WE SHALL TELL the world of the depths to which humanity can sink, and the heights which were attained, even in hell itself .

WE SHALL FIGHT anti-Semitism and all forms of racial hatred by our dedication to freedom throughout the world.

WE AFFIRM our commitment to the State of Israel and to furtherance of Jewish life in our homeland.

WE PLEDGE ourselves to the oneness of the Jewish people.

WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN!                                                      WE ARE HERE!


at the Closing Ceremony of the World Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors