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Generations After, Inc. is an organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, created by children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors.  We know that we have a unique legacy and that our inheritance has also given us the responsibility of representing in this world all of the relatives and all of the kinsmen who did not survive.  We owe it to our parents and to those who perished to do our utmost to respect and assist Survivors, to ensure that Holocaust educational programs and community events are maintained and promoted and to develop relationships and networks with descendants of Survivors, their children, their grandchildren and friends.  Our goal is to grow our organization to become a better resource for Survivors and to join with members of the next generation in fulfilling our legacy.


When the words echoed at the end of the devastation of World War II, “Never Again”, were said by the Survivors of the Holocaust, they stood shouting out to the next generation, to us, even yet to be born.  When they shouted we heard them and when they walked out of the concentration camps, out of the hidden places, out of the strangers’ home, and out of the woods into a new world, we were there, holding their hands. 


Each year at Passover it is said that “we” were freed from slavery and not just that “they” were freed, because if the slaves had not been freed we would still be enslaved today.  Because our parents and grandparents survived the Holocaust, we are here today.  We too are Survivors and we walked in the footsteps of our parent into a new world.