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We are a nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts whose mission is to preserve the legacy of our parents and grandparents, who were Holocaust Survivors, through outreach, education, social events and interaction with Survivors and their descendants.


As children of Holocaust Survivors, we know that we have a unique legacy and that our inheritance has also given us the responsibility of representing in this world all of the relatives and all of the kinsmen who did not survive.  We owe it to our parents and to those who perished to do our utmost to respect and assist Survivors, to ensure that Holocaust educational programs and community events are maintained and promoted and to develop relationships and networks with descendants of Survivors, their children and their grandchildren. 


Being a child or grandchild of a Holocaust Survivor makes us a member of a very small minority of people.  We need to work together to fulfill our legacy and we need your help and we want your kinship.  We are your family, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your aunts and uncles and we hope that you will join us.


Please encourage your siblings, cousins, children and everyone you know who is a descendant or a friend of a Survivor to become members of Generations After, Inc.


Thank you for your interest in joining Generations After, Inc.